Fully Alive

: Love, Marriage, and the Christian Body

Scott Gunn responds to Marriage in Creation and Covenant

One of the main tasks of Fully Alive is to encourage a wider and deeper conversation in the Church about marriage. While we have a distinct point of view, we welcome engagement by those who disagree with us. To that end, we have asked a couple of our friends to write responses to our paper Marriage in Creation and Covenant that was published in the Anglican Theological Review. The first response, which you can read here, comes from the Rev. Canon Scott Gunn who is the Executive Director of Forward Movement. We thank Father Gunn for the graciousness of his response and for his willingness to be a part of the conversation.

Two Professors Discuss Scripture and Sexuality

As the conversation about sexuality and marriage continues in the Episcopal Church in advance of this summer's General Convention, two professors at Episcopal seminaries have engaged in dialogue. Dr. Wesley Hill, Assistant Professor of Biblical Studies at Trinity School for Ministry, and Dr. Garwood P. Anderson, Professor of New Testament and Greek at Nashotah House Theological Seminary, discuss what they see as serious problems with the way that the report of the Task Force on the Study of Marriage approaches Scripture. What both letters reveal is that the Bible's teaching on sexuality and marriage is far richer and multi-faceted than the one dimensional picture presented by the Task Force. You can read both letters here.